Extension Cords and Safety

Many hobby growers may end up using multiple extension cords as their growing journey progresses.

Now this is all ok as long as you remember the key safety points to follow when using extension cords and large amounts of power.

  1. Always fully uncoil your cords to prevent it overheating.
  2. Never overload the cord past the rating of the fuse (normally 13 amps).
    1. Check the amperage or the appliances you are using.
    2. Grow lights can use higher amps.
    3. Heaters will use higher amps.
  3. Always keep the cords tidy to prevent accidents.
  4. Keep the socket end of the extension off the ground and away from water splashes.

Its always better in the long term to make a socket board and wire it directly into the mains for safety and reliability.