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"A Great Product (Nutrient Enhancer)"

Here at the hydrostore we wont sell products that we have not fully tested as we need our customers to trust us and the products we stand behind. Moonshine is one product that stands out in a minefield of products and in our shop it is really starting to gain popularity for the great results people are seeing.

Kinsley Hydroponics - Stockist

Products also available from Kinsley Hydroponics in store WF9 5EE or online   tel:  01977 611788

"Spectacular Growth and Earlier Yield (Nutrient Enhancer)"

Never before seen results like this from one additive, Spectacular Growth, Earlier Yields, Roots like no others and best of all can be used along-side any nutrients. Moonshine enhances any recipe, producing the highest sugar levels possible as well as super strong plants.

NWH Trading - Stockist

Products also available from NWH Trading in store HX2 6EQ   tel:  01422 883290

"Great products!"

Great range of products, I‘ve always sold the moonshine tank mix and foliar with ease in the shops I‘ve worked at. Growers are able to see fast and positive results very quickly. The owner Paul is a top guy and is always willing to go the extra mile for his brand. ??

Jay - Stockist

Products also available from Jay in store HX2 6EQ

"Sell loads of moonshine at uk grow shop"

We will always push moonshine . This is a brilliant product and a brillant company to do business with

Best of all its british

Ukgrowshop - Stockist

Products also available from Ukgrowshop in store De12 8lr or online   tel:  07724076597

"Mega pot trays left clean (Nutrient Enhancer)"

Used on recommendation from the mega pots guys because I was having sediment left in the trays. Since using the product the bases have remained clean and the pipes when cut was also clear.

Rich - Stockist

Products also available from Rich in store Wv1 2hq or online   tel:  01902 454073

"Loving this stuff (Sunshine)"

Hey Gary, wanted to give you feedback on the Moonshine foliate samples you sent me a couple of weeks ago. I sprayed it on a section of my Sage plants (about 50 established plants) and the results were amazing. We were able to harvest about Twice as much as normal in about a weeks time. Im ready to go with an order ASAP. Thanks. Glad I saw your add in the Grower Talks.

Greenhouse Grower, California - Professional Grower




@cbd_james - Professional Grower

"Tastier Oranges (Nutrient Enhancer)"

I grow oranges commercial and have been testing the nutrient enhancer in part of my development area. Two crops in and I am definitely seeing a nice increase in overall flavor with each crop. Will hopefully be moving forward with larger tests soon

orangeutan - Professional Grower

"Great Value (Home and Garden)"

A welcome addition to the range, home and garden is giving my plants that extra boost they need without denting my pockets too much, seeing good results in all stages of growth compared to the plants I did not give this too

elvin84 - Hobby Grower

"Luscious Leafs (Home and Garden)"

Been using this for a couple of weeks now and my plants leafs have turned a lovely luscious shade of green looks very happy and healthy

suzieq - Hobby Grower

"Armoury (Moonshine Bio)"

Used this last season alongside my Unicorn Urine a marked difference in growth and fruiting. Shall be using again with a new improved version of my Unicorn Urine.

Fred Hogg - Hobby Grower

"Best brand on the market"

Been using moonshine for years, it‘s my go too. Gets plants/lawns in great shape in no time. No matter the problem moonshine will get your plants looking good as new. Great nute to use all the time, not harsh with no nasty chemicals. Would definitely recommend to anyone

Sarah d - Hobby Grower

"Lovely Jubbly (Moonshine Bio)"

Certainly seems to be doing the job weeks 6 and still pest free

dell - Hobby Grower

"Amazing Products"

I highly recommend the moonshine products they are seriously amazing and have improved my products 100% seriously you have to try everyone!!

Perkingsframes - Hobby Grower

"Amazing Results (Nutrient Enhancer)"

I‘ve been growing organically for I‘ve 20 years and this one of the very few bottled products I use! This is also one of the very few plant tonics that actually work! There is a Dutch company and there many bottles of stims, that don‘t really do much! Moonshine is the real deal and UK made??????

Mark - Hobby Grower

"Nice Mix (Buffered Coco Coir and Clay Pebble Mix)"

Been using buffered coir for a couple of years now and thought I would try this with the pebbles, the mix is lovely quality with no strange lumps and bumps. Half way through bloom and plants are very happy

pebbledasher - Hobby Grower

"Definitely Working  (Sunshine)"

Been trying the samples of this for a few weeks now and its definitely started to make a noticeable difference, my leafs seems to be greener and the plants are responding well

americandave - Hobby Grower

"So Far So Good (Moonshine Bio)"

Always struggling with mites and thrips so thoguht I woudl try Bio, deep cleaned my room and have started my new crop four weeks ago using bio all the way and so far so good no sign of mites.

MITEMUNCHER - Hobby Grower

"Smashing Summer Crop (Big Rootz Super Soil)"

Ive always been a fan of outdoor growing and hae tried a few all in one soil mixs to help keep the workload down, but I can honestly say that Big Rootz has given me my best results to date and I would definitely recommend it.

Rambleon - Hobby Grower

"End Results are so Tasty (Nutrient Enhancer)"

This really is incredible stuff a mate of mine gave me some of the free samples he got from a show and I can honestly say that because of moonshine I am using less bloom boost and still outperforming my previous crops for size and strength. I am now a regular and happy customer.

MacDavey - Hobby Grower

"Truly Organic High Quality Products"

The Best Customer Service And Truly Organic High Quality Products I‘ve Ever Had.

There was a delivery issue as I myself missed the knock on the door and our main post office got fired so they changed it to the garage with no signs so he delivered It to the one just a mile or so away..HOWEVER

I messaged MoonShine on Instagram and within a day my package was found and brought to my loyal post office with no extra charge

As well as being offered a free one to be sent out if they couldn‘t find it but it the kind human being I was speaking to was nice and understanding

And was on the case and all is well I have it and it‘s an amazing product ( Big Roots Soil )

My Veggie Garden will be healthy and on the way thank you moonshine

I‘ll be shopping no where else for my HIGH QUALITY ORGANIC PRODUCTS.

Thank You By Far The Best Customer Service And Truly Organic High Quality Products I‘ve Ever Had.

Connor - Professional Grower

"Moonshine liquid and foliar feeds"

Have used Moonshine for a couple of seasons with good results on Giant Onion and Leeks , would like to give the root promoting compost a try if my local hydroponic shop stocks it ??

Bill Jones - Professional Grower