Preventing Pests - Indoor Growing

One you get an infestation of spidermite or blackfly in your indoor garden it can be extremely hard to eradicate often including extreme measures such as:
  1. Using toxic mists such as neem oil.
  2. Using toxic sprays that may contain ingredients that may be hazardous for your health.
  3. Completely destroying all your plants.
  4. Deep clean of your grow room and equipment several times.
We think it is much better to prevent any pest from ever entering your grow room and getting a firm hold by using measures such as:

  1. Bug screens / filters should be used on all intakes.
  2. Spray any new cuttings before you take them into your room with Moonshine bio.
  3. Change clothes before entering your grow room if you have been in the garden etc.
  4. A general preventative regime using an organic spray such as our Moonshine bio to stop any possible bugs or larvae taking hold.
  5. Clean everything meticulously before taking it into your grow room.